Specialty & Estate Kona Coffee

Specialty & Estate Kona Coffees

Taste the richness and depth of our unique, single origin Estate Kona Coffees. Each coffee comes from a unique field within our several hundred-acre estate on Hawaii’s Big Island. Climate, rainfall, and tree variety all influence the final product and we offer some of the most interesting and inviting single origin 100% Kona Coffees available anywhere. Like a fine estate wine, each of these offerings has character, singular personality, and is unlike any other “peer” in the world.

  • Private Reserve Gourmet 100% Kona Coffee by Greenwell Farms

    Greenwell's Private Reserve

    Greenwell Farms 100% Kona Coffee “Private Reserve” is our flagship coffee. It is a Single Origin Estate Coffee that comes from a 35-acre patch in the center of our farm and is processed on site to the highest gourmet standards. Here, 3...

    $26.95 - $52.95
  • Elizabeth J Gourmet Kona Coffee - Limited Edition Estate Grown

    Elizabeth J

    A bright, fruit-filled roast developed in honor of the Greenwell family heritage. Showcasing carefully selected Pacamara coffee beans, Elizabeth J 100% Kona Coffee is comprised of Greenwell Farms finest and rarest coffee variety. It is not often that...

  • Onouli Coffee by Greenwell Farms - Premium Estate-Grown 100% Kona Coffee

    Onouli Estate Coffee

    Describing Greenwell Farms 100% Kona Coffee “Onouli” for the un-initiated is a challenge. From 12 acres of 100+ year old trees, comes a coffee so special, so different, that words can’t quite capture the experience. These trees produced...

  • Jeni K Premium Roast 100% Kona Coffee by Greenwell Farms

    Jeni K 12 oz. Premier Roast Coffee

    Greenwell Farms 100% Kona Coffee “Jeni K” is one of our signature Single Origin Estate Coffees grown at the higher elevations of the farm. At 2000 feet plus the trees experience cooler temperatures, more rain, afternoon cloud cover and mature...

  • Premium Estate-Grown 100% Kona Coffee - "Chameleon" Blend by Greenwell Farms

    Chameleon Blend Coffee

    Greenwell Farms 100% Kona Coffee “Chameleon Roast” is truly a fun and playful coffee. Although we in the 100% Kona Coffee world try to stay away from words like “Blend” here we take equal portions of our Medium, Full City and Dark...