2 bags shown of Greenwell Farms Private Reserve Gourmet 100% Kona Coffee
  • 2 bags shown of Greenwell Farms Private Reserve Gourmet 100% Kona Coffee

Greenwell's Private Reserve

Greenwell's Private Reserve

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100% Kona Coffee

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Whole Bean

Greenwell Farms 100% Kona Coffee “Private Reserve” is our flagship coffee. It is a Single Origin Estate Coffee that comes from a 35-acre patch in the center of our farm and is processed on site to the highest gourmet standards. Here, 3 varieties of Arabica tree grow side by side. Kona Typica, Hawaii Typica, and Red Bourbon trees combine to make a coffee like no other.

Private Reserve is described by many as the best Kona Coffee in existence. It has an elegant coffee taste with notes of rich dark chocolate revealing an exceptional balance of flavor, aroma, acidity. Pleasingly flavorful and aromatic, with a silky-smooth finish, you will not find another coffee like it.

Although Private Reserve is a fantastic daily coffee, this is the one you serve at the special occasions, the weddings, the formal events, or the Holidays. A true taste of the best Kona has to offer.

Customer Reviews

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Andrea Pickett
Great taste

My item came quickly and tasted amazing.

Ruth S
Delicious coffee

Greenwell Private Reserve coffee is always a special treat.

william lloyd

We always enjoy the coffee from here. Can’t wait for the next batch to come in

Richard Allen

Glad I chose Greenwell

Carroll Perkinson
Private Reserve

Don’t bother looking for a better coffee. It’s the best there is.