Our Specialty Coffee

Our award-winning coffee is grown in the heart of the Big Island and is handpicked at peak ripeness for rich flavor. We carefully select our coffee beans to ensure that each batch is top quality. From bold to mild, classic to flavored, we have a roast for every coffee lover.

Most Popular Coffees

Greenwell Farms takes pride in producing some of the finest coffee Kona has to offer. From our silky-smooth Full City Roast to our rare Peaberry coffee, every batch of Greenwell Farms is cultivated, harvested and roasted with care to produce the highest quality flavors and aromas.



Private Reserve, Full City Roast, Onouli Premium Coffee, Chameleon Coffee, Peaberry, Macadamia Nut

How Our 100% Kona Coffee is Made


The coffee making process starts in the nursery where two varieties of seeds are planted in seed beds: Robusta coffee is used for root stock and Arabica Typica is delicately grafted onto the root stock. It is the Arabica Typica variety that produces the distinctive flavor of coffee of Kona Coffee. The grafted seedlings are nurtured in the nursery for nearly a year before being planted in the orchards. The first harvest from newly planted orchards generally occurs in the third or fourth year and full production is reached in year six or seven.

Harvest and Pulping

Coffee ripens in several rounds during the harvest season. Coffee on the tree that is harvested is referred to as "Coffee Cherry" due to the red berry-like appearance of the fruit. Once the coffee cherry obtains a red color it is carefully harvested by hand and delivered to the pulp mill facility where the coffee cherry skin and fruit is removed. This typically leaves two coffee beans encased in a parchment skin. This parchment is carefully dried and stored. The coffee cherry skin and fruit are dried and used to make our popular antioxidant-rich wellness beverage, Kona Red.

Dry Mill

Once the parchment has been dried and stored for some time, it is then sent to the dry mill where it is hulled (parchment skin removed), then separated into consistent sizes, and finally graded using a shaker "gravity table" and modern optical sorter. The grading process removes defects naturally occurring in the coffee that might impart off flavors. Once graded, the coffee is placed in 100-pound bags and assigned a quality grade consistent with the green bean standards in Hawaii. All coffees milled by Greenwell Farms are inspected by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture verifying the grades assigned to each lot.


Only the highest grades of coffee are used in Greenwell Farms roasted coffee. Coffees are carefully roasted using a programmed range of temperature and duration for consistent roasts, from our Medium to Dark Roast, and shades in between. Once the Kona coffee beans are roasted and properly cooled, one-half or one-pound portions are bagged, sealed and prepared to ship to locations around the world!