Elizabeth J specialty 100% Kona Coffee
  • Elizabeth J specialty 100% Kona Coffee

Elizabeth J

Elizabeth J

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100% Kona Coffee

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A bright, fruit-filled roast developed in honor of the Greenwell family heritage.

Showcasing carefully selected Pacamara coffee beans, Elizabeth J 100% Kona Coffee is comprised of Greenwell Farms finest and rarest coffee variety. It is not often that coffee can produce such an intense array of fruity, sweet flavors. In this Greenwell Farms Signature Series, notes of apricot, raisin, passion fruit, strawberry, clove and chocolate come together with just the right amount of acidity. Due to limited estate size, Signature Series Coffees will be offered in limited quantities during specific times of the year.

Customer Reviews

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Kim Treadwell
Worth it!!!

After touring Greenwell Farms last year and bringing home several pounds of various coffees, my husband surprised me with the Elizabeth J coffee for Christmas. All of the Greenwell coffees are delicious but the Elizabeth J certainly does have a unique profile that I savor each morning. I grind the beans and use a French press or pour over. Thank you Greenwell Farms! I am keeping an eye out for when Elizabeth J will be released again.

Jennifer Guess
Wonderful Coffee

Good coffee is a must at our house; the one thing we are willing to spend money on. This coffee is very expensive, but the coffee itself is extraordinary. Just about the time we think, it doesn't get any better Greenwell Farms comes out with another one. We enjoy this coffee, smooth and flavorful.

Robert Metz
New #1

I’m am very impressed with Elizabeth J. The tropical fruit is very noticeable when the coffee is hot and black.

I use a Porlex Grinder and a Moccamaster Cup-One by Technivorm to brew.

I strictly drink 100% Hawaiian Coffee and this one is my new #1.