Premium Estate-Grown 100% Kona Coffee - "Chameleon" Blend by Greenwell Farms
  • Premium Estate-Grown 100% Kona Coffee - "Chameleon" Blend by Greenwell Farms

Chameleon Blend Coffee

Chameleon Blend Coffee

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100% Kona Coffee

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Whole Bean

Greenwell Farms 100% Kona Coffee “Chameleon Roast” is truly a fun and playful coffee. Although we in the 100% Kona Coffee world try to stay away from words like “Blend” here we take equal portions of our Medium, Full City and Dark Roast coffee and mix them together.

Every time you take a scoop to make your coffee, you will get a slightly different ratio of roasts and so day by day your coffee experience will be unique. Many Chameleon drinkers say this coffee is endlessly surprising, always sharing something a little different.

Warm, inviting, harmonious and constantly morphing, this is a coffee experience for those that crave delicious coffee but understand that variety is the spice of life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Emmalee Bartman
Favorite Kona Coffee

We love this coffee and get it as a treat. It’s sweet with a very mellow flavor. Definitely our favorite Kona blend!

Joshua Pang
One of our favorite Greenwell Farms coffees

My wife and I came across this one over ten years ago when we tasted various coffee at the farm, it’s so flavorful and satisfying, and we’ve been getting it since. Chameleon is smooth, yet it has a distinct, pleasant bright note that we love. Chameleon and Jeni K are our weekend coffee when we pause to enjoy the moment and have breakfast with our fur babies in the house. Try it - you may find your new favorite with Chameleon too!

Corianne Thompson
Perfect Kona coffee

We first tried this coffee when we visited Hawaii 2 years ago and have been ordering it ever since. The flavor is complex and seems to change and you drink it! Love this coffee!

Eliana Bushwalter
Weekend Celebratory Coffee-Chameleon

This is my special coffee prepared in my stove top Italian coffee maker. The coffee is smooth, not acidic and has great warm caramel tones. Perfect for my Friday-Sunday morning lattes 😋


Best coffee I have found. Customer service is great. I always look forward to my delivery.