Wilelaiki Blossom Honey
  • Wilelaiki Blossom Honey

Organic Hawaiian Honey - Wilelaiki Blossom

Organic Hawaiian Honey - Wilelaiki Blossom

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Wilelaiki is also known as the Hawaiian Christmas Berry Tree and the honey produced by the bees who pollinate these trees has a rich amber color, singular flavor with a rich liquid texture. Notes of spice and sweet coconut make this honey a favorite for pairing with cheeses and using in salad dressings.

When you want to use honey as an additional flavoring (think Baklava, or Honey Pecan Pie) this elegant Wilelaiki honey will give you an extra dimension of flavor, and can enhance your recipes in new ways.  

Certified Organic and produced on the Big Island of Hawaii. Completely free of chemicals, artificial feeds, miticides, heat, or filtration, welcome to the best honey you have ever tried.