Koa Wood Coffee Scoop by Greenwell Farms
  • Koa Wood Coffee Scoop by Greenwell Farms

Assorted Wood Coffee Scoop

Assorted Wood Coffee Scoop

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Hand-Crafted by Big Island Artist from native woods, each scoop is an individual work of art, with stunning elegance and natural beauty. A full scoop (14 Grams of Coffee) is just perfect for an 8-Ounce cup of coffee.

Hawaiian woods are prized not only for their looks but as an ancient symbol of strength and wisdom. This rare and regal wood in modern times has come to signify good taste and prosperity.

For the coffee lover who has everything, this may be the perfect Hawaiian coffee gift.

Customer Reviews

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I love this coffee scoop! We visited Greenwell Farms and enjoyed seeing the process!!

Luke Golden
I Love my Koa Coffee Scoop

I absolutely love this scoop, looks great works great. I wasn't sure about cleaning, but I asked Matt at the farm and he said to wipe with a soft cloth, occasionally use coconut oil to shine it up. It's beautiful!