Photo of a bag of Kopiko Estate Single Lot Red Bourbon 100% Kona Coffee
  • Photo of a bag of Kopiko Estate Single Lot Red Bourbon 100% Kona Coffee
  • A bag of Kopiko Estate Red Bourbon Kona Coffee on a rock wall next to a First Place award from Hawaii Coffee Association
  • A hand holding a bag of Kopiko Estate Red Bourbon 100% Kona Coffee in front of pink flowers

Kopiko Estate Red Bourbon

Kopiko Estate Red Bourbon

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The 2023 State Grand Champion in the annual HCA cupping competition, this exquisite coffee jumped off the judging table with perfectly balanced citrus notes, a silky body with deep complexity including black tea, butter, cherry, floral aroma and caramel.

We are sure you have never tasted a coffee quite like this. Grown at the 2800-foot elevation, a single tree variety (Red Bourbon) from a single lot (field) processed to highest quality standard and cooked to a Medium Roast to reveal the depth of its origin.

The final result is a coffee that is both delicious, aromatic and rich with a personality that that continues to reveal its depth the longer you get to know it.

Customer Reviews

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Wow! So smooth, must have!

Roxanna Vidinha
Best Ever!!!!

This coffee is the best I ever had. The taste is full body, the aroma is superb... Words can't describe this coffee enough. Best to buy an you come to your own conclusion but I know it WON'T disappoint... Greenwell coffee you are THEE BEST!!!!

Outstanding Kona Coffee

I have been a long-time fan of Greenwell. When they recently offered some special coffee beans, I was very excited to try them. The Kopiko Estate Coffee beans are some of the most interesting and best coffee I've ever had. It's hard to describe, but they are reminiscent of the very best, fruity dark chocolate, but even saying that diminishes the complexity and multiple dimensions of the brewed cup. If you are reading this, try this coffee!