Dark Chocolate Bar 1oz - Front Photo
  • Dark Chocolate Bar 1oz - Front Photo
  • Dark Chocolate Bar 1oz - Back Photo
  • Single-origin estate grown Hawaiian dark chocolate bar from the Big Island

Dark Chocolate Bar 1oz

Dark Chocolate Bar 1oz

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Greenwell Farms Single Origin Estate Chocolate

Greenwell Farms continues our long legacy of quality-driven agriculture by introducing our Single Origin Estate Chocolate. Harvested exclusively from five acres on property, it is fermented and dried “in-house” and then roasted, winnowed and pressed by our friends at Puna Chocolate Company. Single origin chocolates vary considerably due to origin and ours has a lovely, bright cacao presence with hints of cherry. Each bar is rare and unique, a taste that comes from just five acres on planet Earth. Experience real chocolate.

80% Dark Chocolate

Our 80% Dark Chocolate Bar is made from just two ingredients: cacao (ground and pressed as cocoa butter) and cane sugar. That’s it! Savor a truly unique rich chocolate experience rich in complex cacao notes with a swirl of fruit notes, a delicate nuttiness, and a creamy, smooth finish. This single origin bar is the chocolate connoisseur’s doorway to experiencing a one-of-a-kind flavor profile from just five acres in Kealakekua, Hawaii.