Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

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Semi-sweet Chocolate

White Chocolate

A true farm favorite and one of the best tasting snacks anywhere. Start with our fresh-roasted Peaberry coffee beans, then cover them in the most gorgeous chocolate (white or semi-sweet) from 5th generation chocolatier Guittard. The result is a dazzlingly delicious, anti-oxidant rich, instant energy boost snack that will have you jumping for joy.

Perfect for college students during exams, great for road trips, and a staple in home-made gourmet trail mixes. Sooooo good!

Warm Weather Shipping Disclaimer
During warm weather periods, (June-Sept) we do not ship chocolate products. Outside of warm weather periods, please understand that chocolate exposed to direct sunlight or heat will melt, discolor, soften etc. and should be ordered and received with that understanding. Therefore, we have a no returns/refunds policy on chocolate goods.