Coffee Accessories

Coffee Accessories

Prepare and sip on our premium coffee using these stylish coffee accessories.

  • Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop

    Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop

    Our sleek, balanced, stainless steel coffee scoop will give you a lifetime of perfect coffee.  Sporting the Greenwell farms logo, revel in your daily Kona Coffee with an inviting, accurately designed measuring spoon that will...

  • Greenwell Farms Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mug

    Stainless Steel Travel Mug

    Coffee drinkers of every type will love this spill-proof Greenwell Farms coffee mug. The large, (16 fl oz) stainless steel mug is built for travelling, making it great for coffee lovers who are on the move. Dishwasher safe, and ergonomically designed to...

  • Greenwell Farms white coffee mug with green logo

    Logo Mug

    Sip on your favorite 100% Kona Coffee in this sleek ceramic diner style mug customized with the Greenwell Farms logo. This dashing mug holds a generous 20 oz pour, making it ideal for coffee lovers who need a little more fuel to get their engines running...

  • Coffee scoop made out of Koa wood from the Big Island of Hawaii

    Koa Wood Coffee Scoop

    Hand-Crafted by Big Island Artist from native Koa wood, each scoop is an individual work of art, with stunning elegance and natural beauty. A full scoop (14 Grams of Coffee) is just perfect for an 8-Ounce cup of coffee. Hawaiian Koa wood is prized not...

  • Large Airscape Container for storing coffee - air tight coffee storage

    Airscape Container

    From coffee to tea to dry goods, the AirScape is designed to keep stored products fresh and ready to use at any moment. Unlike other containers that lock in air with the product, AirScape removes air from the canister to keep goods as fresh and...