• Decaf Full City Roast 100% Kona Coffee - Whole Bean and Ground - by Greenwell Farms

    Decaffeinated Full City Roast

    Who says you have to sacrifice taste for decaf coffee? Our Decaf Full City Roast highlights all the delicious, smooth flavors of our Full City 100% Kona Coffee without the caffeine. We use Swiss Water Decaffeination to remove caffeine from our coffee in...

    $25.95 - $48.95
  • Large Airscape Container for storing coffee - air tight coffee storage

    Airscape Container

    From coffee to tea to dry goods, the AirScape is designed to keep stored products fresh and ready to use at any moment. Unlike other containers that lock in air with the product, AirScape removes air from the canister to keep goods as fresh and...

  • Autumn Harvest - Pumpkin Spice 100% Kona Coffee Roast

    Autumn Harvest

    Greenwell Farms 100% Kona Coffee “Autumn Harvest” is our answer to the Pumpkin Pie Spice mania that sweeps America every Fall. We take our 100% Kona Coffee Full City Roast and infuse it with Cinnamon, Ginger and Nutmeg. Like a Chai Tea or a...

    $22.95 - $44.95
  • Hand-picked Black Peppercorn from Kona, Big Island, Hawaii

    Black Peppercorn (4oz)

    Greenwell Farms black peppercorns are produced with the utmost care at our farm in Kealakekua, Hawaii. Hand-picked from our pepper plants, we sun-dry our peppercorns for 5-7 days so they can develop their rich, bold taste. Greenwell Farms black pepper is...

  • doll boy picker

    Boy Picker

    With baskets full of coffee, these sweet coffee pickers are ready to bring home their harvest! Sold separately, the Coffee Picking Angel and Coffee Picker are fashioned in traditional red or blue “Palaka” (plaid) print. Their traditional look...

  • Greenwell Farms Burlap Coffee Bag

    Burlap Coffee Bag

    Burlap bags have been used on the Big Island for over a century to transport coffee beans to market. These historical burlap coffee bags marked with the Greenwell Farms logo are both stylish and functional, excellent for home décor.

  • Children's Book: Carl The Chameleon

    Carl The Chameleon - Children's Book

    Did you know that Greenwell Farms’ retail store is home to a famous chameleon named Carl? The illustrated story Carl the Chameleon tells us about Carl’s adventures in Kona with vibrant illustrations your family is sure to love. Written by...

  • Children's Book 2: Carl The Chameleon

    Carl The Chameleon 2- Children's Book

    Who says chameleons can’t go to school, too? Written by Greenwell Farms tour guide Daniel Swanson, tells us the story of Carl, a local chameleon, and his adventures in the classroom. With vibrant illustrations, this is a fun read the family will...

    Greenwell Farms

  • Chocolate Bars

    Chocolate Bars

    These Hawaiian Chocolate Bars come from cacao plants that grow in Kona’s nutrient-rich volcanic soil. Lovingly crafted with handpicked, all-natural ingredients, this fine chocolate is produced in the world famous Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory...

  • Chocolate covered coffee beans

    Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

    A true farm favorite and one of the best tasting snacks anywhere. Start with our fresh-roasted Peaberry coffee beans, then cover them in the most gorgeous chocolate (white or semi-sweet) from 5th generation chocolatier Guittard. The result is a...

    $6.95 - $12.95
  • White, milk or semi-sweet chocolate covered macadamia nuts

    Chocolate Covered Mac Nuts

    When you talk about matches made in heaven, chocolate and Macadamia nuts must be near the top of the list. Rich, out of this world chocolate (Milk, White, Semi-sweet) from Guittard, covering lush, Big Island grown Macadamia Nuts will send you straight to...

    $6.95 - $12.95
  • 100% Kona Coffee Sample Pack of 6 Flavors and Roasts - Greenwell Farms Kona Coffee Farm

    Coffee Sampler Pack Combo 6 Pack

    Try a taste of some of our most popular Kona Coffees with the 6-Pack Sampler Set. 2 Ounces each of 100% Kona Coffee in Medium, Full City, Dark, Peaberry, Mac Nut, and Chocolate Mac Nut. The coffee is an all-purpose grind and ready to use. This is a...