Milk Chocolate Bar 1oz front
  • Milk Chocolate Bar 1oz front
  • Milk Chocolate Bar 1oz back
  • Single-origin estate grown Hawaiian milk chocolate bar from the Big Island - front

Milk Chocolate Bar 1oz

Milk Chocolate Bar 1oz

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Greenwell Farms Single Origin Estate Chocolate

Greenwell Farms continues our long legacy of quality-driven agriculture by introducing our Single Origin Estate Chocolate. Harvested exclusively from five acres on property, it is fermented and dried “in-house” and then roasted, winnowed and pressed by our friends at Puna Chocolate Company. Single origin chocolates vary considerably due to origin and ours has a lovely, bright cacao presence with hints of cherry. Each bar is rare and unique, a taste that comes from just five acres on planet Earth. Experience real chocolate.

50% Milk Chocolate

Our 50% Milk Chocolate Bar is made of just three ingredients: cacao (both ground and pressed as cocoa butter), cane sugar and a combination of whole milk and heavy cream. This is an intensely satisfying bar with delicate sweetness and rich, fruity cacao complexities throughout. Our Milk Chocolate is to be savored slowly and enjoyed as a single-estate chocolate with its own unique origin characteristics.